Raindance Film Festival 2020: Roundup

Raindance Film Festival has ended and I can’t believe that this is not my first but second festival. I have managed to watch 7 films that are proof that indie films are still thriving and exciting as ever. Having viewed a selection of films from different countries that explore a variety of topics from identity struggles to death row to flamingos. There really was a film for everyone on my watch list. Admittedly, I would have watched a couple more but my birthday fell right in the middle and I gave myself a couple of days off hence the lower final film count. However, what I did manage to watch were fine examples of filmmaking that is intuitive and creative with the directors all utilising their resources brilliantly.

From my first film The Eagle’s Nest to the last, Ella es Cristina, Raindance has exceeded my expectations and all of the films felt poignant and relevant exploring very real issues that affect the world today. After looking at the list, I knew Nuclear was one I had to watch for its Welsh connections as well as Ella es Cristina as it was directed by the man who co-wrote A Fantastic Woman. I didn’t know what any of the films were about going in which made it an even more exciting experience.

As with my London Film Festival Roundup (which you can read here), I thought I would pick my personal winners. Now, bear in mind I only watched 7 films but all 7 proved to be amazing contenders in each category and it was still really hard to decide.

Here are the Smaller Pictures Winners of Raindance Film Festival:

Best Picture – Ella es Cristina

Best Director – Catherine Linstrum for Nuclear

Best Leading Actor – Andriy Lidagovskiy for My Thoughts Are Silent

Best Leading Actress –  Mariana Derderián for Ella es Cristina

Best Supporting Actor – George Mackay for Nuclear

Best Supporting Actress – Felicity Asseh for The Eagle’s Nest

Best Original Screenplay – Gonzalo Maza for Ella es Cristina

Best Debut Screenplay –Antonio Lukich for My Thoughts Are Silent

Best Documentary Feature – The State of Texas vs Melissa

Best Original Score – Cristobal Carvajal for Ella es Cristina

Best Cinematography – Arsene Romuald Mvondo for The Eagle’s Nest

Best Editing – Yago Muñiz for The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo

Best Production Design – Carly Larson for Under My Skin

Best Costume Design – Nicole Capasso for Under My Skin

Best Hair and Makeup – KC Mussman for Under My Skin

Being able to review films for Raindance has been another highlight of my year and a huge step for this site. Having the chance to watch such amazing films is always a treat and to be accepted as press for one of my favourite festivals is something I won’t forget.

So that’s my Raindance Film Festival Roundup done and dusted. I highly recommend giving the films I reviewed a watch. All of them were so different and unique, I hope to catch them again in the future. Let me know your thoughts on my reviews and if you had the chance to watch the films.

As ever, here are the reviews I wrote for Raindance Film Festival if you would like to read them:

The Eagle’s Nest

Ella es Cristina

My Thoughts Are Silent

The Mystery of the Pink Flamingo


The State of Texas vs Melissa

Under My Skin


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