BFI Flare Festival 2021: Roundup

BFI Flare Festival is an important event that showcases films made by and revolving around the LGBT+ experience. Having followed the festival for years, I was given the chance to cover the festival and it did not disappoint. From the incredibly opener Jump, Darling to an array of biopics on iconic LGBT+ figures, this year’s festival left me spoilt for choice and it was really exciting to see lots of films from emerging filmmakers showing their debuts. I managed to watch eight films in total and I was really impressed with each one. I wanted to watch films from all kinds of countries and managed to see films from Canada, Estonia, New Zealand and Finland to name a few. This allowed me to see varying approaches to filmmaking and made it really exciting with every film. Each film impacted me in some way whether it was the topic, a performance or some other aspect of the filmmaking.

As usual, I have done my little awards which was really difficult because each of these films were full of strengths. They were all so different that it was hard to pick a winner for each category. After many hours of deliberating, I have finally managed to select the winners.

Here are the Smaller Pictures Winners of BFI Flare Festival:

Best Picture – Tove

Best Director – Zaida Bergroth for Tove

Best Leading Actor – Elz Carrad for Rūrangi

Best Leading Actress –  Alma Pöysti for Tove

Best Supporting Actor – Shiv Palekar for The Greenhouse

Best Supporting Actress – Cloris Leachman for Jump, Darling

Best Original Screenplay – Eeva Putro for Tove

Best Adapted Screenplay – Peeter Rebane and Tom Prior for Firebird based on The Story of Roman by Sergey Fetisov

Best Debut Screenplay – Katie Found for My First Summer

Best Original Score (TIE) – Freya Berkhout for The Greenhouse and Matti Bye for Tove

Best Cinematography – Carl-Friedrich Koschnick for Enfant Terrible

Best Editing – Thea Aae for Boy Meets Boy

Best Production Design – Oskar Roehler for Enfant Terrible

Best Costume Design – Marjatta Nissinen and Mare Raidma for Firebird

Best Hair and Makeup – Tove

It goes without saying that each of the films are worth a watch. What was so great about the selection of films that I was able to watch for the festival is the range of topics and scope of setting available. There really was a film for all kinds of fans so whether you like experimental films or prefer traditional biopics, BFI Flare had you covered.

So with BFI Flare done, that means I have had the chance to cover three festivals now and it is still super exciting every time. Being able to see films from emerging and established filmmakers is always a brilliant opportunity and BFI Flare has not disappointed. All explore the LGBT+ experience and perspective in varying ways making it wildly unpredictable as well as important. All of the films are guaranteed to stay with you long after you finished watching them.

Here are the links to the reviews if you want to learn more about them:

Boy Meets Boy

Enfant Terrible


The Greenhouse

Jump, Darling

My First Summer




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