Prima Facie (Live Screening, 2022)

Trigger warning: This review delves into various aspects of Prima Facie, including its depiction of sexual assault and rape. One the plays that has had theatregoers talking this year is Prima Facie. Suzie Miller’s legal play follows the story of a criminal defence barrister, Tessa (Jodie Comer), whose world is turned upside down after she… Read More Prima Facie (Live Screening, 2022)


Top 5 Jennifer Lawrence Performances

Jennifer Lawrence is an actress whose star has risen exponentially since her breakthrough performance in Winter’s Bone in 2010. What has made Lawrence such a success both commercially and critically is her versatility and willingness to push herself by exploring different genres and refusing to be typecast. Her incredibly successful career has seen her nominated… Read More Top 5 Jennifer Lawrence Performances