Top 5 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Episodes

There are a lot of comedy sitcoms around nowadays that serve to shock and push boundaries. One such comedy series is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia which has been shaking things up since 2005. Following the owners of Paddy’s Pub, the Gang consists of brother and sister Dennis and Dee Reynolds (Glenn Howerton and Kaitlin… Read More Top 5 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Episodes

Top 5 Andrew Garfield Performances

Andrew Garfield is one of the most exciting millennial actors out there with a huge resume under his belt that boasts film, theatre and television. Since his breakout role in David Fincher’s┬áThe Social Network, Garfield’s talents have gone from strength to strength and his career has brought him an Academy Award nomination, two BAFTA nominations… Read More Top 5 Andrew Garfield Performances